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Ubbi Dubbi 2024: A+ Festival Grade

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Veronica Fong
Ubbi Dubbi 2024: A+ Festival Grade

Hey there, fellow ravers! This year marked my third time attending the Ubbi Dubbi festival, and I can confidently say it was the best yet. From the performances to the top-notch amenities, Ubbi Dubbi 2024 was an absolute blast. Here's a detailed recap of my incredible two-day adventure at this fantastic Texas festival.

Arrival and Entry

We arrived at the festival around 4:30 PM, and I was impressed by how smoothly everything went. Parking was a breeze, and the charming Ubbi and Dubbi inflatables at the entrance set a fun and inviting tone. The will-call line took less than five minutes, making for a quick and easy entry. Even though the weather was humid, crossing the bridge was manageable despite the crowd. The reassuring presence of security and medical staff was a comforting sight.

Getting Inside

Once inside, the entry process was seamless with all lines moving quickly. Our first stop was the Ultra VIP area, where we found comfortable seating, carpeted areas, and actual seats—perfect for relaxation. The bar lines in Ultra VIP were short, allowing us to grab a Monaco without a long wait. Large fans were strategically placed to combat the heat, which was a relief when we ventured into the General Admission (GA) crowd where it was super hot.

Amenities and Atmosphere

The amenities this year were my favorite, earning an A+ from me. The VIP bathrooms at the Ubbi Stage, while lacking air-conditioning, were close enough to the main stage to feel the vibrations from the music. Fortunately, the air-conditioning at the Dubbi stage was functional, providing a much-needed respite from the 93°F humidity. We sampled some delicious offerings from the Lucas stand, adding to the overall positive experience.


Day 1

As the evening progressed, the crowd grew denser, but there were plenty of shaded seating areas for attendees to take a break. We started our musical journey with RZRKT b2b Vastive, who delivered an exhilarating set. Skepsis kept the energy high, with the crowd dancing non-stop. JUELZ's trap-heavy set at the Ubbi stage solidified him as one of my favorite artists. TroyBoi and Dabin added a fun twist to the evening, and Alison Wonderland captivated us before we rushed back to catch Bear Grillz b2b Jessica Audiffred, who closed their set with a bang.

Day 2

Despite missing some openers, we dove headfirst into the beats of Hol! and Crankdat, who had the entire crowd moving and grooving. Taking a break, we fueled up at the Wuden Chopsticks food truck, which was a culinary highlight, unlike the $15 unseasoned fries from the previous day. Wuki's set in the Zoom Room was amazing, and we even snapped a pic with the Ubbi Dubbi fan. Trivecta blew us away with his incredible performance, keeping us on our feet.

Galantis took the Ubbi stage, delivering hit after hit and sending the crowd into a frenzy. Svdden Death closed out the night with an unforgettable performance, complete with infectious energy and mesmerizing pyrotechnics and lasers.


The vibes at Ubbi Dubbi 2024 were an A. Interacting with the crowd was a highlight—everyone was so nice and friendly. People shared their handheld fans to help combat the heat, creating a sense of community and camaraderie. The positive energy was felt throughout the festival, making for an incredibly enjoyable experience.


The production at Ubbi Dubbi gets an A as well. There were enough pyrotechnics to satisfy my love for fire, and the overall setup was impressive. The attention to detail in creating an immersive environment added to the festival's allure.

Final Thoughts

Ubbi Dubbi 2024 has been an unforgettable experience, filled with fantastic music, a welcoming atmosphere, and a few minor challenges. The only downside was the heat, but everything else made up for it. The change from April to May made it super hot compared to last year, but the festival's many positives far outweighed this minor inconvenience.

I highly recommend checking out Ubbi Dubbi. It's a great Texas festival, and my experience this year has only strengthened my love for it. Stay tuned for more rave reviews and festival adventures—until next time, keep dancing and spreading good vibes!