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Ubbi Dubbi 2024: What you need to know!

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Veronica Fong
Ubbi Dubbi 2024: What you need to know!

Ubbi Dubbi is just this weekend, and as someone who has raved at this festival for the past three years, I can confidently say this year’s lineup of activities and events is something you do not want to miss!

Don't Miss Out!

First off, let’s talk about the R.A.V.E. (Register and Vote Everywhere) initiative. Launched back in 2020, RAVE is making a triumphant return to help festival goers register to vote. This initiative is such an awesome way to blend our love for music with civic engagement. With the national elections coming up, it’s crucial that we all get involved. I’m definitely encouraging my friends to register if they haven’t already. What better place to do it than surrounded by amazing music and incredible vibes?

I’m super pumped about the Disco Presents Photo Booth! This year marks the 30th anniversary of Disco Presents, and the booth, designed by the talented Alan Endorfun Rushlow, promises to be a nostalgic trip down rave memory lane. Featuring a collage of old-school rave flyers and an archival video loop, it’s a perfect blend of past and present.


For those who want to experience Ubbi Dubbi in ultimate comfort, Tubbi VIP Admission is the way to go. We’ve gone VIP in previous years, and let me tell you, it’s worth every penny. From express entrances to private bars and luxury bathrooms, it’s got everything you could ask for. Plus, the elevated viewing area on the grass hill overlooking the mainstage is just chef’s kiss. If you want to rest your feet and relax while still soaking in the festival energy, go VIP!

Now, let’s talk sponsors. I am a huge fan for Monaco Cocktails – their Watermelon Crush and Lime Crush are my go-to drinks, even outside the festival. Make sure to check out their lounge to chill and recharge. The Bang Energy Tent, Elite Wear, and Lucas Chunks are also must-visits. Whether you’re looking to sample new energy drinks, grab some light-up glasses, or satisfy your sweet tooth, these sponsors have you covered.

The weather forecast is looking great, so gear up for some sunny fun!


Early Wristband pickup is at Panther Island Pavilion on Thursday, May 23, from 12 PM to 8 PM and Friday, May 24, from 12 PM to 8 PM. Don’t forget to bring your ID!

A quick reminder for drivers: parking lots open at 2:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday, with a fee of $25 per day. Both cash and credit are accepted. For ADA parking, don’t forget your valid placards or permits. If you’re catching a rideshare, the drop-off and pick-up location is at 1000 Calvert St. Make sure to schedule your pickups in advance and take advantage of the free internet and power stations at the drop-off point.

I’m beyond excited to see everything that’s changed since last year. The drone shows were mind-blowing, and I can’t wait to see what new surprises are in store. If you’re local to Texas, or even if you’re not, come check it out.

Don't forget to save the map as receptions can be tricky at times!