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Texas Eclipse Festival 2024 Refund Update

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Veronica Fong
Texas Eclipse Festival 2024 Refund Update

The 2024 Texas Eclipse Festival was a cosmic convergence of music, art, and community, drawing over 40,000 attendees from across the globe to the picturesque Texas Hill Country. Hosted by Disco Presents and Probably Nothing, the festival featured more than 600 programs across nine stages, captivating audiences with stellar performances and inspiring talks.

Despite facing severe weather challenges, including tornadic winds and thunderstorms, the festival organizers prioritized the safety of all guests, conducting a safe and orderly evacuation. Disco Presents, renowned for their commitment to excellence, swiftly took action to issue partial refunds to guests following the cancellation of the final day.

Here are the details of the refund policy:

  • 4-Day GA & VIP tickets: 25% refund of the ticket’s face value
  • 3-Day GA & VIP tickets: 33% refund of the ticket’s face value
  • 2-Day GA & VIP tickets: 50% refund of the ticket’s face value

Additionally, all camping upgrades and add-ons will receive a partial refund of 25% of the face value, less taxes and fees. This comprehensive refund policy underscores Disco Presents' dedication to ensuring the satisfaction of their patrons.

For more information, visit here. Despite the challenges, the 2024 Texas Eclipse Festival remains a testament to the resilience and spirit of the festival community.