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Shaq's Bass All-Star Festival: B+ Review

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Veronica Fong
Shaq's Bass All-Star Festival: B+ Review

It was clear that many people were excited as they made their way to the highly expected Shaq's Bass All-Star Festival. With a stacked lineup of performers and promises of a fun-filled Dubstep weekend, our expectations were high. As we look back on the experience, we'd like to share our thoughts on this event.

Efficient Will Call Pickup and Smooth Parking

One of the first impressions that set the tone for the weekend was the speedy and efficient will-call pickup. Getting our tickets and wristbands on both days was a breeze. Likewise, the parking situation was smooth, allowing us to kick off the weekend on the right note.

Mixed Feelings About Security

While we appreciated the streamlined entry process, we couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at security. There were no bag searches or pat-downs, which left us with a slight sense of unease. In today's world, safety should always be a top priority at large events like this one. It's an area that needs improvement. However, there was a police presence that helped to offset its flaws.

Exceptional Lineup

One of the festival's standout features was the incredible lineup of performers. The organizers truly hit a home run with their choices, making it incredibly difficult to decide which acts to catch. With so many talented artists gracing the stages, It was a pleasant dilemma to have.

Efficient Management of Lines

The festival's management of lines was amazing. The queues were well-organized and moved swiftly, whether we were refilling our water packs, grabbing a drink, or waiting to ride the Ferris wheel. We were so impressed with the speedy lines that we managed to hop on the Ferris wheel not once but twice, without feeling like we'd wasted precious time.

Sound Issues

As we eagerly anticipated each performance, we did encounter a bit of a hiccup. Sound issues plagued both stages, with the main stage experiencing a noticeable decrease in audio quality as the night wore on. While the second stage was farther away, it did help mitigate sound bleed between the two stages. Although this didn't ruin our experience, it was a minor letdown.

An Exceptional Crowd

The crowd at the festival was one of its best features—the people were cheerful and friendly, creating a lively atmosphere. We had no unpleasant encounters or negative experiences throughout the weekend, contributing significantly to our overall enjoyment.

In conclusion, Shaq's Bass All-Star Festival was a fantastic event that left us with an overall good impression. While there were a few areas that could use improvements, such as security and sound quality, the festival's strong points, including efficient management of lines, an exceptional lineup, and an incredible crowd, made it a memorable experience. With a little fine-tuning, this festival could easily rise to the ranks of the best in Texas. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Shaq's Bass All-Star Festival and eagerly anticipate the next event.

Photo by Shaq's Bass All Star Website