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Matt Hawk drops "SKELETON"

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Veronica Fong
Matt Hawk drops "SKELETON"

Danish artist Matt Hawk, a pioneer of the "Car Music" movement, is back with a bang! His latest release, "SKELETON," dropped today, May 17, 2024, under OneHundred/Spinnin' Records, and it's already making waves in the EDM scene.

"SKELETON" is a track that masterfully blends emotive and hard-hitting elements. It kicks off with ominous melodies that smoothly transition into a deep, undulating bassline, complemented by dark synths and menacing vocals.

Matt Hawk described the production process as unique and different from his usual approach. He aimed to explore new sounds and moods while maintaining his recognizable signature style. According to Hawk, "SKELETON" invites listeners on an emotional journey, touching on sublayers of the mind while driving the energy forward.

At 33, Matt Hawk is not just a DJ but also an art director from Aalborg, Denmark. His journey in music began in his teens, mixing styles and genres to create unique productions. Today, he collaborates with some of Denmark's top DJs, including his frequent partner HEDEGAARD.

Hawk’s impressive discography includes hits like "SA-MY-D," which is nearing 8 million streams on Spotify, and their remix of "Ni**as in Paris," which has surpassed 4.5 million streams. His track "SYMPHONY," a rework of Beethoven's "Symphony no. 5," also gained significant attention, debuting at no. 21 on the QQ Music EDM Chart in China and amassing over 4.5 million streams on Spotify.

"SKELETON" is a vibe. It has all the elements that make it perfect for a high-energy club scene—think John Wick movie soundtrack (at least to me). The dark, driving beats and the emotive undercurrents create a soundscape that’s both thrilling and immersive.

I’ve already added "SKELETON" to my playlist, and I highly recommend you do the same. It's a track that will not only get you moving but also make you feel the depth of its dark, energetic vibe.

Download or stream it now!