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Marauda "Realm Of The Damned" Tour 2023

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Veronica Fong
Marauda  "Realm Of The Damned" Tour 2023

Get ready to be blown away by MARAUDA as he embarks on the highly anticipated "Realm Of The Damned" tour. Known for his bone-rattling bass music and hailed as a true force to be reckoned with, MARAUDA will unleash his wild live show upon over 20 cities across the United States. Brace yourself for an onslaught of gargantuan bass drops, rail-bending breakdowns, and genre-defining dubstep and riddim.

The tour kicks off on September 7th in Flagstaff, Arizona, promising an unforgettable experience where the boundaries of bass music are shattered and the unrelenting power of sound reigns supreme. Don't miss your chance to witness this electrifying phenomenon as MARAUDA takes the EDM scene by storm and solidifies his status as a titan of bass music.